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Requiem Magazine Has Moved to a New Website

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Requiem Magazine has moved to a new website. Issues 1-3 will remain up here at wordpress but starting with issue 4, all new issues will only be on the new site. Visit the link below to read some really great poetry in Requiem Magazine.


Requiem Issue 2

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Requiem Issue 2

Check it out…

Requiem Issue 2 is now online…This issue features poetry by Paulie Lipman, Imani Sims, Danez Smith, David McIntire, Rose Mary Boehm, Kelly Rae, Jenny Billings Beaver, Tina Barton, Todd Heldt, Catherine Dakota Bjørnevog, A.M. Dylan and Alexander Wortley…

Requiem is Here…

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It’s January 2012 and the first issue of Requiem Magazine is now online.

In this issue we have poetry by Agent SD, Amani Breanna Alexander, Farouk Asvat, Nina Bennett, Catherine Dakota Bjørnevog, Andrew Buckner, A.M. Dylan, Kushal Poddar, William A. Poppen, Jenna Mia Strauchen, Alexander Wortley and Katherine Wyatt and the cover art is by Stefy Janeva.

Check it out and feel free to comment on the poems and/or the issue itself.

Welcome to Requiem

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Welcome to Requiem Magazine.

Requiem is a new poetry magazine. It may take a while to work out all of the kinks but I hope to bring to you the best poetry magazine I can. I am currently taking submissions for the first issue of Requiem. The first issue will be out as soon as I get enough submissions to consider for the issue. I hope to make Requiem a monthly magazine but that will depend on the amount of submissions I receive.

At this time I am unable to pay for your work. I do however believe that everyone should be paid for their work, I’m just not financially able to do it right now. Hopefully if this magazine does well, that will change.

If you write poetry I’d love to read it and maybe share it with others in the pages of Requiem but if you only write for money, this probably isn’t the place to showcase your work.

Checkout the Submissions tab for submission guidelines.